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EcoCity World Summit Press Release

We were selected to present the Project Rising model for urban redevelopment at the 2013 EcoCity World Summit on Sustainable Cities. Download our media release to read more about this honor. 

Project Rising Info Packet

Download this reference material for the Project Rising program and share it with others.

“We got more done in four days than we had in the four months prior... the time is now!”

- Claudia Hartman, 2012

Vesta Communities Project Team Member

Soul of the Community

This incisive and important study by the Gallup and the Knight Foundation shows the relationship between attributes of communities, their influence on community members’ sense of attachment, and the relationship between that sense of attachment and GDP growth.  This study is the foundation for Project Rising’s approach to contributing to economic development through direct community involvement.  Learn more.


Smart Growth and Economic Success

Smart Growth and Economic Success is the first in a series of reports from EPA’s Smart Growth Program designed to inform developers, businesses, local government, and other groups about the benefits of smart growth development. Learn more...


12 Policies to Boost Innovation, Resilience and Prosperity in Cities

Shareable and Sustainable Economies Law Center just released a 40-page guide, “Policies for Sharable Cities: A Sharing Economy Policy Primer for Urban Leaders.  This article gives an overview of the policies in an easily digestible bite, with a link to the full report.

Read here...

Project Rising Launch at DIRTT

Thanks goes out to The Downtown Devil for attending our launch event and publishing a story about Project Rising: Urban Infill Accelerator.

Read the article here...